Chainsaw Carvings

Chainsaw Carvings

These beautiful chainsaw carvings and wooden sculptures are also part of my creative collection and can be made for both indoors and outdoors. The natural look of these wooden sculptures make them a perfect focal point for any garden or living room.

The hard wood mushroom below was carved roughly with a chainsaw and finished off with a sanding disk on an angle grinder and finished with three coats of yacht varnish for a durable and beautiful finish.

This set of short fat mushrooms were commissioned for a Christmas present to go in a landscaped back garden. Like the tall mushroom above, it has been finished with 3 coats of yacht varnish. Yacht varnish provides a vibrant lustre with hard durable finish and the true beauty of the grain is brought out.

This next set of tall mushrooms was another commission for an outside area. These three mushrooms attached to a weathered piece of timber were coated with hard wood furniture oil giving a matt finish which provides a natural, soft look and feel. The oil penetrates the timber, replacing natural oils keeping it supple.

This next short mushroom was carved from Cedar and scorched to bring out the grain. It was a commission for a patio in someone’s back garden.

Pheasant carved from Silver Birch.

This Pheasant was carved from a single piece of Silver Birch wood. It was carved as a commission for a wedding present. It was mounted on a Maple base and was finished with three coats of satin varnish. It stands approximately 1 meter high.

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